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Updated May 29, 2020

Kids N Cats

April 16, 2008 by secondchancer - Olathe, KS

okay so this might be a silly question, and i know it's early to think about, but i had an "i wonder" earlier as i pu...


We Want to Get the Kids a Puppy for Christmas!!!!

October 27, 2009 by Sara M. - Shawnee, KS

My very loveable German Shepherd just passed away not long ago:( we were wanting to get a puppy for our kids for Chri...


New Puppy - Help!

June 26, 2009 by Mikita B. - Shawnee, KS

I thought I was being smart and waited until my son is 10 and my daughter is 4. My son has been scared of dogs in the...


Kid Friendly Pet Blog

July 24, 2008 by Joni G. - Olathe, KS

We have guinea pigs and my 9 yr old daughter would love to have a blog for them. I never blog so am completely cluel...


What Is a Good Pet for 4 Year Old?

March 25, 2009 by Bossy Mommy - Leavenworth, KS

Ok mom's my 4 year old would like a pet, a dog or cat is out of the question what I would like to know is are gerbils...


How to Tell a Daughter We Can't Have Pets in an Apartment

February 26, 2007 by Ginny M. - Kansas City, KS

I have tried and tired over and over and so has my soon to be ex to tell my 8 yr old that she has to wait to get a ca...