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Updated May 26, 2020

New Puppy at Home with Cat and 16 Month Old Twins... Help!

July 09, 2009 by Karrah R. - Des Moines, IA

Hello, My boyfriend decided a month ago to unexpectedly bring home a puppy! We have had it a month now and it ha...


Help! Somebody Is Peeing in My Daughters Closet!

July 17, 2009 by SARA C. - Des Moines, IA

Ok, well I think its peeing anyway. We have 3 cats. One is a 2 year old, female, "diva". Recently we got 2 kittens....


Dog Biting and Putting Down?

April 08, 2009 by rebecca b. - New Albin, IA

I'm sure this is going to be a touchy subject, being so many people are dog lovers.. as am I. Today our 1 1/2 yr ...


Dog Constantly Licks Crawling Baby's Face

February 09, 2009 by Ali M. - Cedar Rapids, IA

Hi Mamas! I need any suggestions on how to better control the behavior of my 5 year old border collie. Overall, he h...


Cat Pee on Coat

November 20, 2008 by rebecca b. - New Albin, IA

i just bought my son a winter coat a couple of weeks ago. my two boys were with thier dad this weekend and thier cat ...