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Updated Jul 10, 2020

Cats and Toddlers - Can They Coexist?

April 08, 2008 by Diana M. - San Rafael, CA

I have 3 lovely little boys in my life - 2 feline and one toddler. Our two cats have been with us for 5 years now an...


My Dog Bit Another Child

May 08, 2008 by Jacy B. - Redlands, CA

hi moms. i have had a terrible accident happen today. my dog (a border collie/chow mix) who is 8mo bit my nephew toda...


Raising Young Children and Pets

September 08, 2008 by Amy L. - Sacramento, CA

We have two beautiful, active little boys and a 9-month-old chihuahua. We just decided to adopt another chihuahua pu...


My Daughter Wants a Rabbit

June 09, 2008 by Julie S. - Redwood City, CA

Are rabbits good pets for 1o year olds ? How does one find a pet bunny ?


Introducing Our Newborn and Our Dog

June 07, 2007 by Liz B. - Beverly Hills, CA

We're due to have our first baby in three weeks. We have a very high energy Boston Terrier who is 4 years old. She'...


Getting Our First Cat

July 31, 2007 by Alice C. - Lincoln, CA

Hi everyone. My husband and I have decided to adopt our first cat (well, she's a kitten actually), and I was wonderi...