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Updated Mar 22, 2023

Pet Loss

June 04, 2008 by Mama o. - Hopkins, MN

Hello, I just recieved a phone call from my mom in CO and her dog just passed last night, she was hit by a car just...


Dealing with the Loss of a Pet...

September 10, 2009 by Mommy T. - Bolingbrook, IL

Hi Moms - A couple weeks ago we had to put down our 13 year old dog, who we've had since he was 7 weeks old. He wa...


Explaining a Pet Loss

May 04, 2008 by Andrea J. - Dallas, TX

We have a 2 1/2 year old girl and a 7 month old boy. We had to put our beautiful labrador down yesterday due to bad ...


What Do U Tell a Child About a Passing Pet?

December 14, 2009 by Darlene S. - New Haven, CT

We lost our beloved koko last night and I don't know what to tell my 4 year old? I was thinking to tell him he went ...


Need Recommendations for Childrens Book Dealing with Loss of Beloved Dog

January 15, 2010 by momto1 - Swords Creek, VA

On December 3rd, we lost our beloved Reuben. He was a happy, healthy 2 year old white boxer. He became very sick very...


How to Deal with a Child Who Accidentally Caused a Pet's Death

January 18, 2010 by Cherie L. - Yuba City, CA

Hi Everyone, I saw a posting about this several months ago but I can't seem to find it. Last weekend my four-year-o...


Grieving Loss of Eldest Furry Baby

January 02, 2010 by Jenn F. - Philadelphia, PA

Our almost ten year old lab mix is loosing the battle for life. We found out she had a tumor on her spleen when it w...


Seeking Other Mom's or Grandmas That Lost Their Beloved Pet

November 13, 2009 by Linda S. - Saint Louis, MO

Hi, I just had to put my one of two yorkies down this morning and I am so depressed! I am a animal lover and have ha...


How to Help a 3 1/2 Year Old Cope with the Death of His First Pet

June 25, 2008 by Jan A. - Anaheim, CA

The title sums it up pretty well. My son will be 3 1/2 on Sunday, and today his pet bird, Conrad, died. Conrad was re...