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Updated Feb 16, 2019

Fleas! How to Get Rid of Them?

September 26, 2009 by Mandy S. - Manhattan, KS

We do not have a pet, yet we have fleas! We had a dog in the house about a month ago and I guess this could be just s...


Seeking Advice on Getting Rid of Household Ants

September 04, 2009 by Kimberly W. - Wamego, KS

HELP! Our kitchen is being taken over with ants. I am looking for some tried and true home remedies (preferrably)that...


Embarrassing Question About "Pests"

January 16, 2009 by secondchancer - Olathe, KS

so my family recently had a fire in our apartment complex and had to find a new place within ten days, SO we ended up...


Eeewww! Cockroaches

March 04, 2009 by Audra B. - Olathe, KS

I am totally grossed out! Tonight I found 2 dead cockroaches. Our home is truly clean, I promise, and I just vacuum...


Seeking a Reliable and Affordable Exterminator

January 30, 2009 by Betsy S. - Olathe, KS

Hey ladies, I am looking for a reliable and affordable exterminator. I usually get ants in the spring, but the last...


Looking for an Exterminator in Overland Park

April 15, 2009 by Beth D. - Overland Park, KS

In the process of replacing our garage door, we found an infestation of carpenter ants. Does anyone know of a good, ...



April 13, 2009 by naquice r. - Kansas City, KS

Moms, I have come for your wisdom once again! I just moved into a house that has a more than minor, but not severe, a...


Bee and Ant Problem

February 17, 2009 by Tiffany C. - Goddard, KS

Every spring and summer I have ants in my kitchen, kids bathroom tubs and wall, and alo kids bedrooms. I can't get ri...


Mice Mice Everywhere>>>>>>yuck!

January 17, 2008 by Tonya R. - Rose Hill, KS

Ok, so I live by a field and the best way to control this would be of course...a Cat. BUT, my husband hates them and...


Ant Invasion

April 19, 2008 by Christy M. - Lenexa, KS

Help! Two years ago our ant invasion started. We paid for a professional, but it just got worse. We found that if w...