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Updated Jan 21, 2018

Leg Pains in My Child.....

November 27, 2006 by Michelle H. - Akron, OH

My Daughter is 5 yrs. old, and has been having bad leg pains for at least 3 yrs. now... The pains in her legs happen...


Fever and Sickness Fear

June 03, 2009 by Elicia C. - La Vergne, TN

Any other moms out there freak out when their baby/s are sick?! I cannot seem to get a grip. My son has been sick o...


Breaking up the Phlegm in My 16/17 Month Old's Chest.

February 19, 2009 by Irene T. - Escondido, CA

Hi Ladies, I'm interested in knowing what specific things you do to help your little ones (and big ones) to break-...


Has Anyone Any Knowledge of Brachycephaly?

May 25, 2008 by Lulu B. - Orinda, CA

My 11 month old has quite a flat head (positional brachycephaly) from sleeping on her back (and loving her sleep). ...


Treatment for Molluscum Contagiosm Four Year Old

September 23, 2008 by Violet V. - Houston, TX

My son's pediatrician has diagnosed him with molluscum contagiosm. She has refered him to a dermatologist to have a b...


Help with My Son's Teeth Grinding

October 11, 2006 by michele o. - Indianapolis, IN

I have a 6 year old son. He grinds his teeth every single night while sleeping. His next dentist appt. is next week b...


Daughter Having Hallucinations

January 09, 2009 by Sarah S. - Brooktondale, NY

My eight-year-old was recently quite sick with a bad flu. She has always hallucinated with the slightest fever, and d...


Seeking Help on Diaper Rash

September 25, 2008 by Andrea - Oakland Gardens, NY

It's been 3 months of dealing with diaper rash, yeast infection and eczema. Well at leat that's what the doctors said...

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