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Updated Jul 19, 2019

Considering Another Job... When to Inform

November 09, 2009 by kiddiepshrink - Highland, NY

My husband and I decided several months ago to move back to Florida as soon as a job opportunity was available for me...


Avon Help?!?!

May 12, 2007 by Alexis A. - Rochester, NY

I just signed up for AVON a couple of days ago & I am a little afraid that I may have gotten in over my head. Is ther...


Do I Have a Case?

December 18, 2006 by Jennifer V. - Brooklyn, NY

When my job found out I was pregnant they stated giving me longer hours and alot more work to see if I'd quit instead...


Single Mom Seeking Advice

July 06, 2009 by Lisette S. - Wappingers Falls, NY

I am single mom of a wonderful 6 yr old little boy who is my life and i found out i am pregnant again i am about 12 w...


How Do You Working Moms...

March 16, 2008 by Amanda C. - Rochester, NY

This question is geared toward all of you working (Ft or PT) moms: How do you deal with drama and gossip in the wo...


Maturnity Leave Pay

October 13, 2008 by KathyM M. - Carthage, NY

I am asking this for a friend. She has been working at her job for 2 years, and has earned Maturnity leave time. Her ...


Pregnancy Disability and Family Medical Leave

June 17, 2009 by Tracy J. - Schenectady, NY

I have been given some inconsistent information by my large employer's HR department (this happened with my last preg...


Looking for Work

March 09, 2007 by Alexis A. - Rochester, NY

hi!! i have noticed on a few people's profiles that they say they are working part time to that they can stay at home...