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Updated May 24, 2020

Job in Law Enforcement

July 12, 2007 by Shannon M. - Monticello, MN

Hi, I am a mom of a six month old child and am currently working out of my home as a daycare provider. It has always ...


Opinion of Savage, MN

August 10, 2007 by Shellie K. - Savage, MN

My family is looking to relocate to the Minneapolis area with a job transfer. I found a house in Savage I like. Is ...


Desperately Need a Part Time Job(found One)

July 09, 2007 by Sonia K. - Circle Pines, MN

I have been home for 7 months now do not get me wrong I love being home with my kids however I need to get out I am l...


Interviewing While Pregnant

August 04, 2008 by A S. - Osseo, MN

Has anyone interviewed for a new job while in the third trimester? I have two interviews lined up but am feeling a li...


Can I Accept a New Position in Good Faith?

July 26, 2006 by heather r. - Minneapolis, MN

I've been in the process of interviewing for a new job, and feel fairly certain it will be offered to me within the n...


Frustrated with Co-workers

November 06, 2006 by Shelah K. - Burnsville, MN

How do I tackfully tell several co-workers to keep their personal complaining, bitching and problems to themselves or...


Looking for Part-time Job with Full Benefits

August 29, 2007 by Amy M. - Saint Paul, MN

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a pt job with full benefits? I'm willing and would like to work a...


Questions About Being a Tutor

April 28, 2007 by kari W. - Minneapolis, MN

I am SAHM of 3 looking to supplement our income and am interested in doing tutoring. The problem is I dont know how ...


New Boss

February 16, 2009 by Julie M. - Minneapolis, MN

I have a new boss (my old one was shown the door about 6 months ago) who is based in another state, and has only last...


Part-Time Work for Stay-at-Home Mom

September 27, 2006 by Maura B. - Minneapolis, MN

Finances are making it necessary for me to look for a part-time job, one that would involve working in the evenings a...