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Updated Jul 14, 2020

May 13, 2008 by Karen C. - Saint Peters, MO

Has anyone ever tried this? I was wondering if it was worth the money or not? Thank You


Fitness Boot Camps

September 02, 2009 by Kerry C. - Saint Charles, MO

Is anyone familar with a fitness program or group doing boot camp classes. Looking to get back in shape without payi...


How to Deal with Easily Offended People?

August 31, 2009 by live bold _. - Kansas City, MO

As a daycare provider, I spend a great deal of my down time talking with other providers online all over the world. ...


Ideas on Starting Neighborhood Fit plus Club

October 13, 2008 by Jessica M. - Florissant, MO

Hello all who's reading this. Open for ideas and advise. I was talking to my business partner about getting people ...


Online Group for Twins

May 21, 2008 by Angie M. - Saint Louis, MO

I have 8 months old twins and I am wondering if any of you know of an online resource, where I can ask questions and ...