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Updated Oct 19, 2019

Mirena or Paragard?

October 01, 2009 by T R. - Denver, CO

I am considering an IUC and wanted to get feedback on Mirena vs. Paragard. Mirena is hormone based Paragard is Copp...


Looking for an OB GYN in North Royalton or Nearby Area

February 17, 2009 by Suzanne M. - North Royalton, OH

I am new to the area and trying to find an OB GYN. I am interested in a doctor that promotes natural labor and deliv...



February 20, 2009 by Amy L. - Centreville, VA

I had my baby boy in March of 08,via c-section and for the past three months, I have experienced pelvic pain after my...


Her Option

April 08, 2009 by Jodie J. - Gilbert, AZ

Anyone out there have this proceedure done? I'm very nervous about yet another procedure, but want to get the inside...


Having Tubes Tied During My C-section!

September 13, 2009 by Jessica M. - Monrovia, CA

Hi moms, I am looking for comments from any moms who have had their tubes tied during a c-section or know women who...


Pregnancy Question

June 01, 2008 by Melanie P. - Queen Creek, AZ

Curious if anyone has had a teanus shot while pregnant? Everything I read says dont have one. I stepped on a clean ne...


Need Breastfeeding Friendly Doctor

March 10, 2007 by Gloria B. - Aurora, IL

Hi Mamas, I am nursing and I think I have developed a breast infection. Please can anyone reommend a breastfeedin...


Does Anyone Have the Paragard?

April 25, 2009 by Christina D. - Oxnard, CA

I have had the Paragard for about a week now. The first couple days was hell....lots of cramping and Motrin. I have b...


No Period After Childbirth

January 07, 2010 by ChitownFifi F. - Naperville, IL

Hello, I had my first child 19 weeks ago and still haven't gotten my period. I did not do any breast feeding. My O...

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