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Updated Sep 22, 2020

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

August 16, 2009 by Carol B. - Aptos, CA

Hello Moms, Are there any moms who have decided not to vaccinate or to delay vaccinating their babies?


Children's Benadryl Allergy Medication for a 5 Months Old Baby

March 15, 2009 by momof2boys - San Jose, CA

Hi moms My little boy is having a cold and a sore throat...coughing a lot ...but is a dry cough. I called the emerg...



February 18, 2008 by jane c. - Buffalo, NY

My Granddaughter is on metadate, it is working beautifully. he can concentrate in school and actually watches a movie...


Pregnancy and Antidepressant Withdrawal

August 07, 2009 by brandy c. - East Meadow, NY

Hi- I was wondering if anyone has experience with coming off of antidepressants during pregnancy. I am in my second...


Any Moms Out There Have Any Advice on How to Give 2 Year Old Eye Drops?

November 08, 2009 by Lauren C. - Saint Peters, MO

Hi Moms! My 2 year old daughter has pink eye and will not let me give her eye drops. I had to have a neighbor come ov...


Need Advice from Those Using the Daytrana Patch.

November 04, 2009 by Tricia M. - Brighton, MI

Hi there, My seven year old son was just perscribed the Daytrana patch for ADHD. I tried to apply is this morning a...


Question About Swine Flu Vaccine...

September 01, 2009 by Pam H. - Hatfield, PA

I'd like to know what mom's are thinking about the Swine Flu Vaccine. Are you having your children vaccinated?


H1N1 Flu Vaccination - Are You Going to Get This for Your Kids or Not?

October 09, 2009 by Pooja S. - Suwanee, GA

Hi Moms, I would like to know your views about the H1N1 vaccination (which is more popular as Swine Flu) for your ...


Question for a Nurse or Doctor

July 28, 2008 by Michele W. - Dayton, OH

I starting having symtoms for a UTI on Friday and I got the Azo's over the counter to try to hold off until Monday. ...