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Updated Oct 18, 2019

My DIL Has Never Spoken to Me & Doesn't Want My Son to Have Much to Do with Me

November 06, 2009 by Janis M. - East Providence, RI

My son married almost 6 years ago. I live in RI. The wedding was in CA. I was thrilled! When my gdaughter (my son's n...


Anyone Taking the BC Pill/mini Pill Camilla?

July 21, 2008 by Marie P. - Providence, RI

My doctor put me on Camilla because I am breastfeeding. I am just confused because I am used to the take this the Sun...


Trying to Have Another

March 21, 2007 by BRIDGET M. - Central Falls, RI

I have been married for almost 2 year and we have been to getter for 6 years now we have been trying to have another ...


I Don't Know How to Fix Our Marriage

July 15, 2008 by Amanda K. - West Warwick, RI

I don't know what to do about my situation. We fight ALL the time lately, and I don't know why. Nothing triggered it...


Military DH Coming Home Next Month- Suggestions on Re-adjusting?

June 07, 2008 by Joanne M. - Pawtucket, RI

Hi ALl - DH has been gone for 1 year. On his leave, we took a trip so as not to have any re-adjustment issues at home...


Marrying in June and Children What to Change Their Name Too...

April 25, 2008 by Cindy M. - Woonsocket, RI

I have two children, 6 and 9, who want to have their name changed too when I get married in June. They haven't seen ...


Husband Is Feeling Left Out of "Lovey's"

November 11, 2006 by Mary B. - Providence, RI

My husband is a very loving person and very huggable. That's one of the things that I have always loved about him. ...