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Updated Oct 20, 2019

Need Advice

October 18, 2006 by Natasha B. - Cleveland, OH

My husband and I have been together for six years and married for 3 months. In the course of those years I've discove...


Advice for Single Mom Living with Fiance

October 24, 2006 by Karen L. - Whitehouse, OH

I am a single mom of 2 boys 16 and 13. I have been divorced for 6 years and have been living with my fiance for the ...


I Want to Have Another Baby!! My Fiance's Not Ready!!

April 15, 2008 by Leah A. - Lorain, OH

My son is almost 3 and I am ready to get pregnant again. My fiance doesnt want another baby right now. We are tight o...


Depression Ruining Marriage

September 25, 2006 by wendy i. - Brookfield, OH

i am 23 yrs old and ive had ddepression before and now its comming back and its affecting my marriage. i have the mos...


How to Blend a Blended Family

February 22, 2008 by Lyndsay C. - Roseville, OH

My husband and I are trying to blend our blended family, we have different parenting styles, I have more rules and mo...


My Husband and His Mother.

October 04, 2006 by Ashley C. - Milford, OH

I have a 14 month old daughter named Jenna. My grandmother watches her during the day while me and my husband work. S...


How to Cope & Salvage After a Fire

August 07, 2007 by Shawn B. - Hamilton, OH

My husband was in his office late last night when his small building caught on fire. He was the only one there & Than...


Husband Doesn't Know If He Wants Another Child??

January 16, 2007 by Dawn G. - Lakewood, OH

When my husband and I first got serious we discussed our goals in life which included a home and 2 children. We even ...


"Step" Issues

August 08, 2009 by Laura B. - Canton, OH

How do I deal with my husband threatening to separate his income from our finances because 2 of my daughters who live...


Ready or Not

May 02, 2008 by April R. - Columbus, OH

I am having a baby soon. I am engaged but with not date currently set. The man I want to marry has all of a sudden ...