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Updated Oct 15, 2019

Single Momma Is Ready to Move on.....Needs Advice!

February 10, 2009 by Paula S. - Indianapolis, IN

My divorce was final last June, but have been separated since 9/06. I am ready to move on and find someone. I just do...


2 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas???

June 05, 2008 by M L H. - Crown Point, IN

Hello Moms~ My husband and I are celebrating our 2 anniversary this month and I am in desperate need of ideas. We...


Dating and Children

December 11, 2006 by angela c. - Greenwood, IN

Where and how do I begin. I am dating someone who has a 2 yr old girl. I also have a 4 yr old. I am very conflicted b...


Keeping My Daughter Involved While Getting Married

April 28, 2008 by Kristen Y. - Fort Wayne, IN

I am engaged to be married to a wonderful man who gets along famously with my 10 year old daughter. What I am lookin...


HELP Need Relationship Advise

April 29, 2009 by Rachel B. - Indianapolis, IN

I came close in 2007 to getting married but he ended up cheating on me so the wedding didn't happen. But someone poin...


I Feel like I'm Just "There".

April 08, 2008 by Mandi S. - Fort Wayne, IN

My husband and I have been married almost 3 years. We have no children together, I have an 11 y/o daughter from a pr...


Is It Possible That We Are Growing Apart?

March 08, 2009 by Lotus H. - South Bend, IN

I've been married for 10 years and i feel that I have lost a lot of "me" during this marriage. I love my husband and ...


Expectant Mother About to Have a Breakdown....

May 14, 2008 by Ella S. - Warren, IN

Hello, Im really hoping someone out there can lend me some good advice. Ijust dont know where to turn anymore. OK, he...


What to Do When You Have a Special Needs Child and You Want Out of Your Marriage

February 01, 2007 by janet g. - Culver, IN

my marriage to my husband of almost 13 yrs is falling apart,he has a horrible temper makes empty threats and makes al...


Stressed Out Working Wife/Mom

January 08, 2009 by Rachel M. - Martinsville, IN

(I think maybe I just need to vent) I have been working full-time for the past six months after pretty much being a ...