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Updated May 24, 2020

Any Moms Used Hypnobirthing?

October 07, 2009 by k r. - Durant, OK

This is my first baby and I am hoping to skip the epidural. Has anyone tried using Hypnobirthing, or any Hypnosis to ...


Should I Have a 3Rd C-section, or Try VBAC?

August 21, 2008 by Bridgette S. - Tulsa, OK

I am almost 4 months pregnant with my 3rd child. With my oldest 5 years ago, I had to have an emergency c-section. ...



October 11, 2006 by Melissa M. - Broken Arrow, OK

My husband and I had decided to start trying for baby no2 about 4 mos ago, but when I went to the OB-GYN (I was new b...


How Long to Fully Recover from Tear During Childbirth?

December 06, 2008 by Sara S. - Oklahoma City, OK

I had a natural vaginal delivery of my first child in May, and I had a 3rd degree tear. It probably happened because ...


The Business of Being Born

July 26, 2008 by Kristia C. - Tulsa, OK

Have you seen "The Business of Being Born"? What do you think?


NW OKC- Edmond area--Where Is the Best Place to Deliver?

May 04, 2009 by Elaina B. - Oklahoma City, OK

I'm still in my first trimester of pregnancy, but am trying to decide where to have my baby at. From looking on-line...



April 08, 2009 by Melissa W. - Oklahoma City, OK

With my first pregnancy I developed hellp syndrome and had an emergency c-section at 30 weeks. We're wanting to star...


2Nd C-section

December 14, 2006 by Kate P. - Oklahoma City, OK

I'm conducting a personal opinion poll whether 2nd c sections are better/worse/quicker/slower/more or less painful/ i...


Is It Safe to Have Sex After You Lose Your Mucous Plug

May 29, 2008 by Amanda B. - Muskogee, OK

I lost the rest of my mucous plug this morning it was the part with the blood in it, BUt my water has not broke. Is i...


Mucous Plug

February 10, 2008 by lauren m. - Bixby, OK

I have been losing my plug slowly for weeks now. It has been mostly clear, until last night. It is now tinged pink wi...