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Updated Jan 17, 2018

My Daughter's Lack of Caring

February 21, 2007 by Kathleen A. - Kansas City, MO

Can someone please help us figure out what to do. Our daughter is now 12 and in the 6th grade. She loves school and l...


How Do I Find Out If the Elemantary School My Daughter Will Be Going to Is Good?

December 13, 2009 by Tati F. - Hollywood, FL

My daughter is in VPK right now and will be starting Kindergarten next year (2010). I know which Elementary School s...


Care for a Child in 1/2Day Kindergarten

February 22, 2007 by Jean K. - Des Moines, IA

Currently my kids go to daycare in Johnston, however we are in the Des Moines school district. I have applied for op...


Seeking Feedback on Kerr Elementary and Ereckson Middle in Allen

July 02, 2007 by N B. - Plano, TX

Any feedback on these schools would be greatly appreciated. Need to make a home purchase within the next 3 days... ...


How to Improve Penmanship, Neatness, Mindfulness in 2Nd Grader

December 11, 2009 by Cakey S. - Fremont, CA

My 2nd grade daughter is bright and doing well in school except for having messy handwriting and being messy in gener...


How Can I Get My Teens to Get Excited Again About School/learning?

December 05, 2009 by Rachael W. - Wasilla, AK

I haven't been on here or at least posted a request in a long long time and I am now because I am in serious need of ...


Queen Creek or Higley District

December 02, 2009 by Aimee S. - Queen Creek, AZ

I am trying to make a decision to send my daughter to a Queen Creek School or Higley. I have heard some negative thi...


Opinions/Advice Of Christian/Catholic School

December 10, 2009 by Khatty z. - Chicago, IL

Hi, I am interested in any opinion(s) of either the St. James Lutheran School or Francis Xavier school? I would like ...


Son Have Trouble Reading

December 10, 2009 by Carolyn P. - Bloomfield, NJ

My oldest son is in 1st grade and is having difficulty with reading, he is getting extra help through school but duri...

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