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Updated Jan 18, 2018

I'm New to the Daycare Thing and Need Some Help!

May 07, 2008 by Chick M. - Anaheim, CA

So the time has come for me to go back to work and I am looking for an in-home daycare or a stay at home mom that wou...


Solid Food

December 16, 2008 by Jenna K. - Redlands, CA

My baby is almost 6 months and has a terrible diaper rash and the doctor said the only way for it to go away is for h...


Rates for In-home Day Care

September 05, 2009 by Sally R. - Anaheim, CA

What is a reasonable rate for in-home child care for infants (newborn to two years old), when there are only four chi...


My Baby Has a Cough

April 22, 2009 by Jenna K. - Redlands, CA

My 10 month old baby has a very bad cough and cold. She doesn't sleep well at night because of it. Any advise on what...


Advice on My Family Childcare Situation

February 27, 2008 by Anthonette S. - Los Angeles, CA

My son is currently enrolled in a family daycare that is licensed. He is only there 2 days a week for about 7 hours. ...


Do 2 Babies Need Seperate Rooms?

April 01, 2007 by Candice V. - San Jacinto, CA

Does anyone have two babies who sleep in one room with eachother? I'm having twin boys and I was going to put both th...


Daycare Nightmare

August 23, 2008 by sari r. - Corona, CA

Hi I took my 3 year old to a new daycare that a friend recommended, my child freaked out when we got there (like any ...


5 Year Old Still Needs Pull-up at Night

July 23, 2008 by Christine M. - Moreno Valley, CA

I have a 5 year old son who cannot stay dry at night. He is potty trained during the day, but still needs to wear a ...


Seeking Advise on Hiring a Young Adult to Take Care of My Babies

June 26, 2009 by Desiree C. - El Monte, CA

I have been looking into finding a nanny or sitter to come and care for my kids at home, I seen some ads in craigslis...


Should I Pay My Nanny for Vacation Taken at Same Time as Mine

June 10, 2009 by Wen S. - Redondo Beach, CA

My nanny is wonderful, she cares for our 5 month old baby M-F 8am-5pm. She is always so nice, agreeable, and flexibl...