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Updated Jun 06, 2020

Seeking OBGYN and Pediatrician in the Boston Area

April 28, 2007 by Janna G. - Wayland, MA

I am new to Wayland from Miami. I'm a SAHM to a 16 month old. We are looking for a good pediatrician and OBGYN (I'm...


Sutter of Roseville

June 23, 2008 by Stacey B. - Fair Oaks, CA

My last 2 were born at Mercy San Juan. So I have had no experience with sutter of roseville. I have been trying t...


Blood Test Safety

November 10, 2009 by Kate L. - Walnut Creek, CA

I was next to my sister while she had her blood test done. She looked away, but I witnessed how a rubber they use to ...


Opinions of LDR at Baylor Frisco

June 03, 2008 by 3boys2love - McKinney, TX

Have any of you delivered at Baylor Frisco? I'm looking for honest opinions as I have to make a decision between Bay...


Peds That Take Medicaid

December 30, 2009 by Chrissy W. - Bradenton, FL

Hello, my four children have asthma and are sick and need to be seen, any referrals in bradenton?


Seeking Hospitals That Will Do VBACS (Vaginal Birth After C-section)

November 07, 2006 by Amy D. - Beaverton, OR

14 months ago I had my son by c-section. Now we are thinking of trying again. But, I would love to be able to have th...


VBAC And Hospitals

October 26, 2008 by Leigh Ann C. - Lake Villa, IL

I am 14 weeks pregnant with # 2. I had a c-section with my first b/c his decreasing heart rate from contractions(was...


Tubal Ligation

September 02, 2008 by Ann K. - Livonia, MI

I am having a hard time finding a doctor in my area that does tubal ligation in a hospital. I live in Livonia, so if...