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Updated Jan 21, 2020

help.........clogged Milk Duct??????????

February 18, 2008 by kathleen B. - Aberdeen, MD

Hi, Does anyone know what could be wrong w/me all the sudden?? I am nursing and starting about 24 hrs ago my breas...


Seeking Caretaker for Father

April 08, 2008 by Oryna S. - River Forest, IL

This is a tall order, I understand, but by 91 year old Father has Altzheimers and it is really beginning to drain my ...


Seeking Caregiver for Elderly

November 21, 2008 by meg D. - McKinney, TX

Hi, My father in law has Parkinson's disease in the advanced stages and is unable to get around the house. He lives ...


Stomach Flu/Food Poisoning Advice

November 01, 2008 by Mia&EmmasDaddy - Sunnyvale, CA

My daughter hasn't been able to keep much down for the past 2 days. Our doctor has advised us to give her fluids at a...


Cradle Cap

May 04, 2007 by Kirsten J. - Rollinsford, NH

My 11 month old daughter has a patch of cradle cap on the top of her head. It has been there practically from birth. ...


Mother Seeks Advice on Potty Training!

January 22, 2008 by Tiffany H. - Palo Alto, CA

My daughter, Genesis is 3 years old. We taught her early on how to use the bathroom. All is going well when it comes ...


Care at Home After Delivery

April 24, 2008 by Al O. - Denver, CO

I delivered my second child last week. Before leaving the hospital, a nurse gave me some instruction for care on my w...


Seeking Skilled Nursing Facililty or Nursing Home in the Woodland Hills Area

December 05, 2008 by Jamie L. - Canoga Park, CA

I am looking for skilled nursing facility in the Woodland Hills or somewhere in the vicinity. Open to all suggestions.

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