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Updated Jan 26, 2022

Insurance Is Refusing to Pay for My Son's Speech Therapy

September 25, 2009 by Kathy V. - Columbus, OH

My health insurace company is refusing to pay for my son's speech therapy. It was originally billed to them as a spe...


Sick and No Health Insurance! Help!

October 26, 2009 by Lindsay M. - Broomfield, CO

So a few months ago I was laid off and I put myself and my daughter on my husbands health insurance. I started a new...


Self Employed Insurance Question

May 18, 2009 by Julie D. - Austin, TX

My husband is a Broker/Owner of a Real Estate Company. I stay at home with our son, and am a Juice Plus Representativ...


Pregnant with No Insurance

December 10, 2009 by Laressa N. - Atwood, KS

Well we just found out we are pregnant with number three, BIG shocker. We couldn't afford the monthly cost of BC pill...


Does Anyone Use the Health Savings Account Instead of Normal Health Insurance?

June 09, 2009 by Jessi K. - Everett, WA

We have been watching Dave Ramsey and learning about getting out of debt and different insurances we could get. He r...


What About Kaiser?

January 08, 2010 by am c. - Anaheim, CA

Hello Moms! I A. once again calling on your wisdom and experience. My husband is an independent consultant, which m...


Seeking Affordable Healthcare Insurance...is This Even Possible???

March 29, 2007 by Amanda S. - Dallas, TX

We are new to Dallas from New Mexico, we have a 20 month old bundle of joy. Self-employed and seeking a company that ...


Seeking Advice on Health Insurance for My Family

April 27, 2009 by Kalonah13 - Addison, TX

My husband and I are really wanting to get health insurance for our family. The company I work for doesn't offer any ...


Researching Health Insurance Plans for My Daughter

September 09, 2009 by Deanna C. - Saint Louis, MO

Hello Mamas, Just wanted to get some feedback from you about private health insurance plans. My husband lost his jo...

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