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Updated Oct 18, 2019

Transitioning to Organic - Best Prices?

December 27, 2009 by Anne L. - Highland Park, IL

We're making the transition to organic. Who has the best prices on organic milk? We're members of CostCo, have Jewe...


Keeping Meat in the Refrigerator

November 19, 2009 by Julia W. - McKinney, TX

A week ago I purchased a package of chicken breasts and another of pork chops on sale at our local supermarket. Well...


Fresh Seafood Market

October 16, 2009 by traci z. - Pottstown, PA

Hi everyone. I am looking for a fresh seafood market where I can buy fish fillets. I live in Pottstown. Does any one ...


Looking for a Good Butcher

October 21, 2008 by Jamie H. - Dublin, OH

We are looking for a good butcher in the area. In the past, when we lived in Indiana, we found their meats to be be...


Seeking Advise About Fits in the Store

July 24, 2006 by chelsie w. - Overland Park, KS

I just wanted to know if any one had suggestions about how to deal with a 3 yr old throwing a fit for candy in the gr...


Groceries in Haslet Tx

June 05, 2009 by Sandy M. - Fort Worth, TX

Is there any grocery stores near by? I am moving there and would appreciate any tips on living in this area.


Looking for "Freeze Your Own Popsicle Containers"

October 23, 2008 by Kara H. - Keller, TX

i am looking for the little "tupperware" popsicle containers that you pour your own juice into & freeze your own...bu...

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