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Updated Sep 20, 2020

Eye Doctor in Denton/Corinth?

June 18, 2007 by Lisa W. - Denton, TX

I need to find a really good eye doctor in the area ASAP. I have issues with my both of my eyes due to sun and wind ...


Feels like There Is Always Something in My Eyes

November 15, 2008 by Mom of 3 - Vancouver, WA

For the past several months my eyes have been feeling like there is something in there. An eyelash or a grain of dir...


2 Year Old Needs Glasses????

January 21, 2008 by Amanda J. - Milwaukee, WI

How do you know if your child needs glasses. My 2 year old is running in to things such as walls, chairs, dressers......


Affordable Eye Exam & Glasses

December 08, 2008 by Roberta robins G. - Arlington, TX

My daughter is coming home from college and needs an eye exam. Can anyone recommend an affordable place to go(contac...


Concerned Mother

November 03, 2006 by Crystal B. - Pompano Beach, FL

Does anyone know anything about the surgical prodecure for clogged tear ducts the probing surgery... my son is suppos...


21 Month Old with Pink Eye

January 13, 2007 by Melissa L. - Windber, PA

My 21 month old has pink eye and I have 2 other boys in the house. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep i...


My 2 Yr Old Rolling His Eyes Back in His Head

November 25, 2008 by Heidi k. - Albany, OR

I have a 2yr old son who has been rolling his eyes back in his head. He rolls them so far back all you see is the wh...


Has Anyone Had Lasik Eye Surgery?

November 19, 2008 by Lori K. - McKinney, TX

I moved to McKinney over a year ago from Nebraska. I was all set to have Lasik done in NE and then we found out we w...


Need a Good Eye Doctor for Our Family near Coppell Area

April 01, 2008 by debbie s. - Coppell, TX

We are new to the Coppell area and need a good eye doctor for routine eye exams and such. Any help would be apprecia...


Does Anyone Have an (Adult) Eye Doctor They Recommend Southlake/Colleyville?

June 11, 2007 by Allison . - Colleyville, TX

I've been seeing the same eye doctor for about 8 years, but he's about a 30 minute drive and that's starting to bothe...