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Updated Jan 25, 2021

Need Advice About NTAR Green

February 21, 2009 by Kris .. - Woburn, MA

Has anyone heard about NSTAR Green? NSTAR is my electric company. I got an email that said I can opt to "go green"....


What Is Reasonable Rate For ...

January 10, 2007 by Melia D. - Plano, TX

I had a GFC that was out and it blew the circuit breaker that had to be replaced. They came out quick. (I only called...


Need an Electrician

November 01, 2009 by Katannah D. - Minneapolis, MN

Does anyone out there (Mpls) have any recommendations for a reliable electrician (licensed, bonded, etc.), if all els...


Christmas Lighting-$1,500 Estimate! YIKES!

November 05, 2009 by Denise M. - Houston, TX

Today I received a rather shocking estimate for simple Christmas lighting for outdoors... I just need to have some p...

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