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Updated Apr 02, 2020

Wondering About Recovery Time

January 02, 2009 by Branden B. - Burlington, IA

Hi all! I am having a septoplasty, tonsillectomy, and adenoidectomy done on the 23rd of this month and I was wonderin...


SO MANY Ear Infections! Help!

April 30, 2009 by jessica k. - Indianola, IA

My daughter is 16 months old and has had 9 ear infections since her birth which means antibiotics were used each time...


Lazy Larynx

May 17, 2009 by Brenda L. - Ames, IA

I have a 13 week old daughter. She snores qutie loudly. At her two month checkup her pediatrician said she had laryng...


Son Wakes with Stuffy Nose

March 19, 2007 by Sara W. - Lone Tree, IA

My son who is 14 months old usually wakes earlier in the morning than usual (6 am) with a stuffy nose. Once he is up ...


Seeking Moms with Youngsters Who Have Numerous Ear Infections!

October 13, 2006 by Melanie M. - Newhall, IA

My son is almost 3. Every year he gets 3 to 4 ear infections. I was the same way as a child, I just don't remember ...


Medicane Side Effects?

April 23, 2008 by Mackenzie H. - Cedar Rapids, IA

My son is 10 months and devolped a rash 2 days ago so we went to the doctor and the dr said it was just hives but che...


Three-year-old Has a Split Uvula - Bifid Uvula.....

October 16, 2006 by Jenna S. - Vinton, IA

I would like to know if any other mom's have dealt with a split uvula in their children. We went to the ENT because ...


Tubes in Ears

January 02, 2008 by Melissa C. - Portsmouth, IA

My 15 month old has been stuffy ever since she was born. She snores louder than an adult. I recently took her to an...


Ear Infections and Chriopractic vs Medical

May 04, 2008 by Brandi-Lauren B. - Marion, IA

I have a three year old who is experencing recurring ear infection. Dr says the fluid behind her ear drum is some w...


Chronic Nosebleeds and a Mom's Frustration

April 09, 2008 by Lindsey M. - Urbandale, IA

So, I really need to vent on this and get some other opinions. My son is 7 and has had chronic, long-lasting noseblee...