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Updated Sep 20, 2019

3 Year Old Daughter Was Fully Potty Trained, Now Will NOT Go on the Potty!

October 25, 2009 by Heather B. - Bozeman, MT

Hi moms, my daughter has been potty trained for over 6 months. She just turned three in September. In the last mont...


Help with New Sleep Issues!

March 06, 2008 by Erin K. - Kalispell, MT

My 17-month-old daughter has long been a pretty good sleeper until recently. She now throws a fit at nap time and, ev...


She Should Have Stopped This by Now!

April 11, 2009 by 4Babes - Red Lodge, MT

My just-turned-5 year old daughter has recently (like in teh past several months) started chewing on things. She chew...


Terrible Two's Start Early

February 21, 2007 by Lori T. - Billings, MT

My daughter is so well behaved at daycare and for anyone else that cares for her. When I pick her up from daycare I a...


Weird Voice

September 23, 2008 by 4Babes - Red Lodge, MT

My extremely imaginative 4 year old daughter got over a cold about a week ago, but keeps talking in a voice that soun...


Seeking Advice from Anywhere

August 04, 2006 by Michelle D. - Miles City, MT

My 15 year old daughter has gotten herself in a lot of trouble. I was wondering how other om's have dealt with their...


Need Advice for an 18-Month Old Who Doesn't Want to Stop Breastfeeding

July 07, 2009 by L W. - Busby, MT

I'm posting this for my sister who has an 18-month old girl who doesn't want to stop nursing. My sister would not be ...


Eight Year Old Daughter Is a Control Freak

June 07, 2008 by Susan B. - Helena, MT

My daughter has been somewhat of a challenge since birth. At age three she was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Dys...


Head Butting 22 Month Old...

January 08, 2008 by Dawn W. - Billings, MT

Hi everyone, My son is 22 months old and when I tell him "no" he proceeds in hitting himself in the head or bangin...


3 Year Old Help!

January 13, 2008 by Sara S. - East Helena, MT

I have two step sons. they are 3, and 4...they live with their mom and we get them every other weekend. she doesn't...