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Updated Sep 23, 2019

Trouble with Disciplining

February 10, 2008 by Jenna S. - FPO, AP

When my husband is home he listens to him but he won't listen to me and if my husband isn't home. It's a nightmare. ...


Potty Training

May 04, 2008 by Missy S. - FPO, AP

My 3 1/2 y.o. little boy will not "poo-poo" on the potty. He pees on the potty and has had no accidents, even during ...


My Duaghter Keeps Taking Baths Sometimes Without Me Knowing.

June 17, 2008 by Carol S. - FPO, AP

I know that this may seem like a strange problem but I can not figure out what to do. She took 5 baths the other day...


My Son

July 13, 2008 by Sarah W. - APO, AP

my little boy is 15 months old i am haveing a problem with him taking his diaper off i leave him in shorts now but wh...


I Can't Discipline Myself to Discipline My Son

June 24, 2008 by Michaela B. - APO, AP

I have 3 major issues with my child right now, 2 of which I know for sure are my fault. 1. Bedtime 2. Eating 3. Pott...


3 Year Old Crying at Night

February 26, 2008 by Sandi G. - FPO, AP

Is it normal for a 3 year old to cry herself to sleep every single night. I'm not talking about 5-10 minutes, but lon...


Effective Discipline Suggestions for Biting

March 31, 2008 by Joy K. - APO, AP

Recently relocated to Japan with my family, and my 13 month old daughter is trying to bite me in direct response to d...