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Updated Oct 16, 2019

When Do Children Stop Taking Naps?

December 14, 2006 by Zonia K. - Tulsa, OK

My daughter is 2yrs and 3 months and this past week she has not taken a nap. She usually takes a nap around noon or ...


Very Difficult 14 Month Old ... HELP

January 06, 2010 by Angie U. - Allen Park, MI

Hi Moms.. I'm praying that someone out there has a solution... My beautiful 14 month old daughter is the most diffi...


Oh Dear!

June 10, 2007 by Christina H. - Colorado Springs, CO

My daughter Kendyl will be 2 in August and used to sleep like a pro. However recently she has started sleeping less a...


16 Year Old with First Boyfriend

August 18, 2008 by Stacie F. - Belmont, CA

I'd love to hear from moms with 16 year old daughters with their first boyfriend. My daughter has become this needy,...


13 Month Old Boy Grunting & Frustrated

April 07, 2008 by Michelle H. - Newington, CT

Hi all, " Long time listener, first time caller" My son has started to get frustrated & grunts. He is very smart,...



October 30, 2009 by secondchancer - Olathe, KS

okay, i am going to take the plunge and open this can of worms. and remember i am being completely honest, here. for ...


3 Year Old Wont Tell the Truth

November 03, 2009 by Stacy B. - Woodland, CA

My 3 year old daughter just started lying. I mean alot of lying. For example...I go into her bathroom and there is ...


Potty Training Ideas?

December 06, 2009 by Britta W. - Topanga, CA

I'm looking for some good tips on effective potty training for my 2 1/2 year old. He's had his own potty since he was...


Potty in Carseat

September 12, 2009 by Mical H. - Grand Prairie, TX

Our two year old is doing great at going potty for the last 6 months or so BUT we can't get her to stop going in her ...


Pacifier Issue Threatening to Become Domestic Dispute

September 18, 2008 by Amy H. - Mountain View, CA

My 21 month old daughter has relied on her pacifier since shortly after birth. Before the paci there was my little fi...

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