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Updated Mar 30, 2020

Herbst Appliance

November 22, 2008 by Jennifer H. - Carlsbad, CA

An orthodontistic is recommending a herbst appliance to correct my 9 yr child's overbite. I would like to hear from M...


Needing a Recommendation of AWESOME Adult Dentist in SLC

October 08, 2009 by Sarah L. - Salt Lake City, UT

Hey there mama's, I'm looking for an amazing adult dentist, as I'm having an issue with an old filling coming out! I...


Teeth Whitening

February 14, 2007 by D D. - Dallas, TX

Has anyone tried out the ZOOM teeth whitening procedure or the whitening trays that you can get from your dentist? W...


Advice on Dentist

January 27, 2007 by Donna B. - Maryland Heights, MO

I was just wondering what other moms think about when a child should see a dentist for the first time. I have a two y...


Kid-friendly HMO Dentist in Oak Park or Surrounding Areas??

December 09, 2009 by JESSICA R. - Oak Park, IL

I currently have an HMO (Delta Dental HMO) and am looking for a child-friendly dentist for my family. I currently se...


Giant Hole in Tooth. Pregnant! Sick!

January 14, 2007 by Brandy D. - Dallas, TX

Ok. So let me first say I have been really neglectful of myself lately. There alway seems to be something more financ...


Pediatric Dentist in Mansfield Area

May 13, 2008 by T L. - Arlington, TX

Hi Mamas...I am needing to take my son and daughter in for their first dentist appointment and would like to have a d...

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