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Updated Apr 06, 2020

Looking for Next Car Seat...

May 02, 2008 by Erin S. - Ashburn, VA

Can anyone give me advice on a good car seat? My baby girl is reaching the weight limit on the first one and I need t...


My 2Yr. Old Is in a Booster Seat & He Is Unbuckling His Seatbelt Constantly!!!

May 20, 2008 by Jocelyn J. - Lorain, OH

My son is 29 months and he is currently in a booster seat (with the back part)because he weighs 38lbs. Over the past ...


Car Seat Recommendations

June 23, 2008 by Jamie S. - Sacramento, CA

Hi ladies! Let's talk carseats...my little guy isn't so little anymore and so it is about time to switch him from hi...


Advice on a Convertible Car Seat

May 05, 2008 by Alyssa S. - Windsor, CO

I am in the market for a convertible car seat for my seven month old. He is about 21 pounds and 27+ inches long, so ...


Captain's Chairs vs Bench Seat

April 11, 2008 by Deedee S. - Coppell, TX

I'm looking for a new car (crossover/SUV) and am finding that most every one I've looked at has the captain's chairs ...


Seeking Opinion on Car Seats for 1 Year Old for Long Trip.

April 22, 2008 by Kate M. - Longmont, CO

My son will be 16mths old when we take a 20hour car trip (over 2 days/nights)in July. I am wondering whether I should...


Kiddopatamus Neck Support

February 09, 2008 by Tiffany G. - Redmond, WA

At one of my showers I received a Kiddopatamus head support for my son’s car seat. Are these safe to add to your inf...


Grown Out of the Carrier & Need to Purchase a Car Seat

April 06, 2008 by Stephanie Z. - Sacramento, CA

I am looking for advice on purchasing a car seat. Annabelle is 9.5 months old she weighs 24 lbs 2 oz 98%, and 30.5 in...


Toddler Unbuckling Herself from Booster Seat

June 07, 2008 by Jennifer K. - Bellingham, WA

Hi, My 2 year old (36" tall, 39 pounds) is in a booster seat now and has been for a couple of months. Our seat bel...