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Updated Jan 27, 2020

Friend Just Diagnosed

January 07, 2010 by Sapphire912 - Winter Park, FL

Hi Moms, I just had a dear friend diagnosed with breast cancer. She is having surgery in two weeks and I was looking...


Fluids in Breast

November 27, 2009 by Amom2 - Jacksonville, FL

Has anyone ever been diagnosed with mastitis and what did they do? My mom has that and have fluid buildup in her bre...



June 19, 2006 by Kathy P. - Jacksonville, FL

i found out that i'm pregnant and i have no idea how far along. i haven't seen anybody can someone please help me fin...



October 12, 2006 by Revol B. - New Port Richey, FL

Just pray. Please pray. Any info or suggestions welcomed.


Bleeding and Cancer

November 17, 2009 by Bridget B. - Saint Augustine, FL

I am only 33 years old but have been having bleeding from my butt. I did some research online and that is consistent ...


Styffy Nose

October 13, 2007 by gina a. - Lakeland, FL

hi mamasources I'm back and so I brought my son back to the ent on Friday because I was told he had an ear infection ...



May 23, 2007 by Tina c. - Lake Wales, FL

Most recently I have been under some serious stress due to a big change in my living situation and cancer treatments....


Recently Diagnosed with Cancer

March 12, 2009 by Jennifer M. - Sebastian, FL

I was diagnosed with cancer 6 years ago, Stage II Melanoma, and shortly after I found out I was pregnant with my firs...


Tampa Oncologist - Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

May 07, 2009 by Heather D. - Wesley Chapel, FL

I am a 39 year old mother of two (6 & 3yrs) and I was just diagnosed with breast cancer. After the initial shock, I ...


Seeking Best Cancer Doctor

March 02, 2009 by Stephanie K. - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi I need a second opinion on a diagnostic and I would like to talk to the best doctor out there. It is regarding c...