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Updated Aug 04, 2020

Help! 7 Week Old Won't Take a Bottle

November 05, 2009 by Tracy G. - Hillsborough, NJ

My 7 week old son will not take a bottle. He did at the beginning, and we did not keep up with it as we should have....



September 23, 2007 by Marisa S. - Trenton, NJ

Hello. I just finished b-feeding my son this past tuesday. When can I expect my milk to dry up? It is very uncomfort...


Not Be Too Successful

October 12, 2009 by Antoinette D. - Marlton, NJ

My grand daughter is 4 days old. My daughter is beside herself with breastfeeding issues. She is having a tuff time. ...


Where Do You Purechase Breastfeeding Products?

March 06, 2008 by April L. - Denville, NJ

Where do you find is the store you would purchase the majority of you breastfeeding supplies? Pads, pumps, replacemen...


Ways to Decrease Lipase in Breastmilk?

June 16, 2008 by Jennifer B. - Livingston, NJ

Does anyone have any tips on any possible ways to decrease lipase in breastmilk other than scalding the milk? After ...


Breastmilk for Preschooler

September 21, 2009 by swamimommy - Brick, NJ

Ok, this may be a really wacky question but I was wondering if there would be any benefit in terms of my 3-year-old d...


Breastmilk Storage

September 04, 2009 by Aggie w. - Lake Hiawatha, NJ

I have a question about breastmilk Im planning to start pumping because i have to return to work next month I have a ...


Breastfeeding & Napping Issues

March 02, 2007 by Ami B. - Stockholm, NJ

I am the mother of one almost 4 month old girl. Elizabeth on her own has decided to only breastfeed once in the morn...



August 22, 2009 by michelle D. - Westfield, NJ

My daughter is only 2 weeks old and she has increased her eating drastically. I am pumping now because she had some ...


Pain Due to Breastfeeding?

August 18, 2009 by Pam J. - Kendall Park, NJ

Hi Ladies- I've been having pain around my incision site and also (sorry for TMI) during "relations" with my husband....