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Updated Oct 20, 2019


January 31, 2007 by Dana J. - Minneapolis, MN

My three month old breast fed baby boy has gotten gassy lately, and it's making him fussy. Any advice on what I migh...


My 16 Month Old Daughter Is Not Even Close to Being Ready to Quit Breastfeeding!

December 27, 2008 by Jeni H. - Saint Paul, MN

I guess I am only seeking experiences others have had on this topic. I nursed my first child until she was about 13 m...



February 09, 2007 by Jessica S. - Saint Paul, MN

I have a 2 month old son who has reflux. It seems to bother him most during the day. He doesn't like to be laid dow...


Close to Weaning almost-1-yr-old...but She Doesn't like Cow's Milk!

August 02, 2009 by Chris E. - Minneapolis, MN

I am planning on weaning my daughter this month, when she turns 1 yr old. My doctor said that at 11 mos, I could star...


When You Stop Breast Feeding

December 10, 2007 by April P. - Saint Paul, MN

I have just recently stopped nursing and have run into a few oddities. My son weened himself, so that is not an issue...



October 12, 2006 by Maria R. - Saint Paul, MN

I started my baby on some solids - rice cereal and then added pears. It went well the first week. Then, the second ...


Need Advice on How to Boost My Milk Supply

October 21, 2008 by Sherri D. - Byron, MN

Recently we found out that our 5 month old son has a sensitivity to milk (we've been seeking treatment from our pedia...


Frustrated with Nursing

November 28, 2007 by Jessica S. - Saint Paul, MN

I am writing for encouragement and advice. I have become so frustrated with nursing that weaning has been crossing m...


Slow Let-down

April 06, 2007 by Lisa F. - Saint Paul, MN

Recently I've noticed that it is taking my milk a long time to let-down when I nurse or pump. This is really frustra...


Does Mirena IUD Affect Breastmilk Supply?

July 23, 2009 by Sarah D. - Saint Paul, MN

I have a 7 week old baby at home and I'm considering getting the Mirena IUD sometime in the next 6 mos, but I worry t...