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Updated Nov 15, 2019

Pumping, Location, Cleaning of Machine

January 17, 2008 by Jody M. - Saint Joseph, MN

I am nursing my 9 month old son. I attend school 4-5 days a week. I am pumping while at school, but I am getting frus...


Has Anyone Used Avent Isis IQ Duo Breastpump?

October 01, 2007 by Melanie M. - Saint Paul, MN

I was wondering if anyone has used the Avent Isis IQ duo electric breastpump and how you liked it. With my first I u...


Weaning/breastfeeding Year Olds

February 18, 2008 by Andrea T. - Minneapolis, MN

I am looking for any advice in general about weaning myself and my breastfeed twins. They will be a year in one week....


Low Milk Supply at 9 Months-help Needed to Reestablish Supply and Tips for Vaca

October 25, 2009 by Lindsey M. - Saint Paul, MN

I have had a great 9 months of nursing my second daughter. Last week I was away for a family emergency and pumped whi...


Do I Have to Change My Diet While Breastfeeding?

September 29, 2009 by Mama 2. - Minneapolis, MN

Hi Moms! My 5 week old is breastfeeding exclusively, and is gassy as all get out. I've been using simethicone drops,...


Fussy Baby While Nursing

July 09, 2008 by Alison P. - Saint Paul, MN

I need some advice please! My normally very happy 12 week old daughter has been extrememly fussy while nursing this ...


Breast Pain

February 14, 2009 by Brikti W. - Minneapolis, MN

Lately I have been feeling sharp pains in my breasts. At my 6 wk pp checkup(1/28) my midwife told me that I had a plu...


Activity Ideas for Older Child During Breastfeeding Sessions

February 26, 2009 by Liz G. - Saint Paul, MN

I'm looking for some ideas to keep my 2 yr old busy while I breastfeed my newborn. The past two weeks since my son wa...


Pumping at Work

January 16, 2007 by Dana J. - Minneapolis, MN

I'm back at work and am having a hard time figuring out how to clean all of the accessory parts of my pump in between...


Seeking Advice on Increasing Milk Supply While Pumping

July 06, 2006 by Paula L. - Minneapolis, MN

I've been back at work for 6 weeks. I pump 3 times a day for about 12 min each session. I get a total of 4-6oz of m...