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Updated Apr 06, 2020

Spitting Up

October 19, 2009 by Theresa T. - West Burlington, IA

hi moms! just a quick question. i have a 4wk old little boy who i am nursing. my problem is he spits up alot after al...


Pumping Question

December 31, 2009 by Angela H. - Des Moines, IA

I have a strange request that requires a little bit of history so bare with me for a moment... In november of last...


Baby Thrashing While Trying to Latch

September 11, 2009 by Salsa jen B. - Iowa City, IA

My 2 week old newborn has developed a tendency to kick his legs and flail his arms when I am trying to latch him to f...


Breast Milk?

September 15, 2009 by Laurie M. - Clinton, IA

Ok i have a question for you nursing mama's. I nursed my 7 year old until she was 2 1/2. I have not nursed her for 4 ...


I Am Thinking About Breastfeeding Our Next Baby.

April 10, 2007 by Christi H. - Story City, IA

I am expecting my third son in July. I have been thinking very strongly about breastfeeding but am worried about not ...



August 26, 2009 by Nicki M. - Council Bluffs, IA

I have a 3 month old daughter. I just started back to work. I am a preschool teacher and was wondering during the d...


No Vitamin Supplements for Breastfeeding Babies

December 06, 2006 by Melissa D. - Terril, IA

My MIL, I love her dearly, but every time I talk to her on the phone, she always seems to think that my 9 month old b...


What Is a "Normal" Amount of Breasmilk to Pump During Work?

July 02, 2008 by Belle R. - Grimes, IA

Okay, so this is probably a useless question as there are so many variants -- amount of time at work, whether pumps w...


Breastfeeding Help!

May 15, 2009 by Nicki M. - Council Bluffs, IA

I am a mother of a 5 day old beautiful girl. I didn't receive a lot of help at the hospital about breastfeeding. I ...


Ways to Increase Breast Milk Supply

January 12, 2009 by Audra K. - Davenport, IA

I was wondering if any mother out there can help me with this one. My baby is 3 months old and I am having a terribl...