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Updated Oct 16, 2019

Will Weaning Help Me Lose Weight?

October 23, 2009 by Stacy B. - Birmingham, AL

I was wondering if weaning my 5 month old would help me lose weight. I have been stuck at the same weight since he wa...


He Screams When He Eats

September 10, 2009 by Anna P. - Killen, AL

My baby has started having problems when he breastfeeds. About 50% of the time he is eating, he will do good for abou...


When Does the Leaking Stop?

November 04, 2006 by Andi L. - Birmingham, AL

I have been nursing my son now for three months and my breasts still leak milk when they let down. I thought this wa...


Extended Breastfeeding

August 23, 2009 by Kimberly M. - Birmingham, AL

Hi Ladies, Just wondering how many time do you breastfeed your toddler? My son is 14 months and I was just wondering...


Help with Lactation and Formula!

August 04, 2009 by Talana C. - Birmingham, AL

I have a 7-month-old son who is on breastmilk. I returned to work 4 months ago, and have been able to keep feeding m...


Nursing Strike or What? Help with 11 Week Old

October 11, 2008 by Darcy D. - Enterprise, AL

I just wrote the other question about my daughter not wetting at night, and I have an additional question, too. She's...


Formula to Supplement Breastmilk???

September 05, 2007 by Jessica F. - Jemison, AL

I am having to supplement sometimes with a formula rather than nurse or use my pumpd breast milk...i got sampes from ...


Breastfeeding Twins

February 08, 2007 by ashley m. - Mobile, AL

I am due with twins in three weeks and I plan on breastfeeding them. Can anyone offer some advice on this subject. ...


5 Week Old and Number of Feedings

January 05, 2009 by Klarissa R. - Birmingham, AL

i have a five week old little girl, which i am exclusively breastfeeding. she nurses every 2-3 hours even through th...


Has Anyone Had Steriod Shots for Bad Knees While Breastfeeding?

May 28, 2009 by Christa V. - Leeds, AL

I had to have my knee drained today and they gave me a shot of steriods in each knee. Because of this the doctor sai...