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Updated Nov 19, 2019

Childbirth Classes

March 26, 2008 by Missy N. - Wyoming, MI

I was reading in my books that I should start looking or enrolling in some Childbirth classes. Does anyone know of a...


Pre-natal Classes in Gilbert

May 06, 2008 by Andrea H. - Gilbert, AZ

I am into my fifth month of my first pregnancy and feel like I should be signing up for some pre-natal classes. My OB...


Childbirth Preparation Dvd's

May 16, 2008 by M.J. A. - Brooklyn, NY

Hi, The childbirth class my hospital offers is charging $300 for the class! I'd like a cheaper alternative and was l...


Birthing Classes?

October 31, 2007 by Angela F. - Springfield, OR

I'm pregnant with my first child. How many mom's have taken these so called birthing classes and have it help? I'm ...


To Lamaze or Not to Lamaze, That Is My Question. :)

March 21, 2008 by Keri J. - Olathe, KS

I had planned on going to a birthing class, i.e. lamaze class, althoug a few of my friends with kids say to save our ...

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Birthing Classes

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