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Updated Dec 18, 2018

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

October 10, 2006 by Sarah S. - Lenoir City, TN

My 2 yr old had contracted H.F.M.D... I was told that it is viral and it has to run its course, but his fever is pre...


Migrane Help

December 01, 2006 by Jodi S. - Blountville, TN

ok, so i tend to get migranes every now and then and when i do they are bad. I have the sensitivity to light and soun...


Does Anyone Know the Basics of Meditation And/or Yoga?

February 20, 2008 by Amy L. - Clarksville, TN

My husband and I would like to learn to meditate. Can anyone give me the basics without making me read a book or spe...


Skin Care for 10 Year Old

March 20, 2008 by Gramma - Crossville, TN

My Granddaughter has rough bumps on her face and the back of her arms. Description: red bumps and some have whitehea...