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Updated Apr 24, 2017

Thigh Pain in 7 y.o.

April 16, 2017 by Anne R. - Cheyenne, WY

My 7 y.o. son started complain of thigh/hip pain the morning after a soccer practice. He was ok for couple of days an...


Never Had allergies...until Now.

April 16, 2017 by Elaine B. - Sour Lake, TX

Seems like the last 2 "colds" I've had were actually allergies. We live in Southern Texas and from what I hear polle...


My 16 Month Old Hates His New Baby Brother, What Can I Do?

April 16, 2017 by Amber - Malvern, PA

So recently we welcomed our new son to the family. My 16 month old was so mad at me in the hospital he wouldn't even ...


11Th Hour Mediation (Kinda Long)

April 15, 2017 by 1son - Palm Coast, FL

I am bio mom to a teen(16) yr old son. He lives with dad for last 4 yrs. Dad and I stopped being a couple when Kyle w...


Hormones? Anxiety? Something Else?

April 15, 2017 by Jackie D. - Lindenhurst, NY

So, a few weeks ago, my sweet 8 1/2 year old daughter started complaining at bedtime of stomach aches....she would sa...


How Much Would You Spend on a Prom Dress for Your 17 Year Old?

April 15, 2017 by Nichole H. - Palmyra, PA

So I'm a single mother with limited income and my daughter keeps trying on these expensive gowns for junior prom. I ...


Am I Being to Senitive Because He Does Not Make an Effort on My Bday ?

April 15, 2017 by Sylvie - North Providence, RI

My Husband and I have separated in the past. For the past 2 1/2 years we have managed to rebuild a good relationship...


Which Movie? the Shack or Gifted

April 14, 2017 by MOMMY - Fort Worth, TX

Have any of you seen The Shack and/or Gifted? If so which one was the best and how good are they? I am looking for a ...

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