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Updated Jan 25, 2020

Flying in 2Nd Trimester

September 09, 2009 by Christina S. - Westbury, NY

Hi ladies. I may need to travel during my second trimester. My doctor said it was okay, just not during my 3rd trim...


Going Away for the First Time

April 01, 2008 by Katie L. - East Northport, NY

I am heading to FL next week with my 9 month old daughter. It will be just me and my daughter traveling. I am excit...


Trip to Italy with a 17 Month Old - Airline Suggestions?

January 22, 2009 by Kim F. - Yonkers, NY

Hello, I'm a long time reader/lurker to this forum, and hoping to get some advice on traveling with my 17 month old. ...


Flying with My 7-Month Old Alone - Need Advice Please!

April 07, 2009 by Connie L. - New York, NY

Hi. I will be traveling alone with my 7-month old from NY to LA this weekend. I have taken him on planes a couple o...


20 Month Old on Airplane

September 08, 2009 by Anastasia T. - Staten Island, NY

Hi Moms, I am getting ready to travel with my 20 month old son on an airplane. We did not purchase a seat for him...


AirTran airway.....opinions

July 25, 2009 by Mom D. - Greenlawn, NY

I'm looking to go to California w/ my husband & 3 kids (8, 5 &2). Does anyone know about this airline? All opinions, ...


Baby's About to Go Flying ... Mommy Is Getting Nervous!

April 29, 2008 by Rebecca S. - Bronx, NY

Hi, We are leaving on Saturday for a wedding in the UK so we have our first trip (overnight) on a plane. I am conc...


Advice on Flying with Toddler After Ear Infection

June 03, 2009 by Bianca S. - Middle Village, NY

Hi I am a very worried mother right now because a while back I bought plain tickets for me and my 3 yr old to go vis...


Advice on Traveling W/ a 15 Month on a Plane for First Time..

January 03, 2009 by Hardworker P. - East Meadow, NY

Need to know what to do and bring w/ me to keep my 15 month old occupied on the plane for 3 hours.


Air Travel with Baby

April 20, 2009 by Jen D. - East Meadow, NY

Does anyone have any suggestions for traveling on a 7 hr plane ride with an (almost) 1 yr old? Toys that aren't too ...