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Updated Jan 27, 2020

Car Seat Vs. Booster for Flight

March 04, 2008 by Rebecca O. - Catonsville, MD

I have flown many times with my daughter and though she isn't quite two and technically could sit on my lap again, I ...


Would like Suggestions for Traveling Cross Country by Plane with 9 Month Old

September 19, 2008 by Bonnie J. - Windsor Mill, MD

Hello Ladies, Long time reader, 1st time requester (and very excited to read the responses). Next month we will be t...


Flying with a 6 Month Old

April 11, 2009 by Allison P. - Rockville, MD

My husband and I will be travelling abroad, fying on a long flight, in a couple of months when our son will be 6 mon...


Traveling to St. Lucia with a 2 Year Old

December 08, 2006 by SHAVON B. - Temple Hills, MD

We're leaving on the 20th and coming back on the 3rd. This will be his first flight. What things should I bring to ...


Baby's 1St Airplane Ride

May 13, 2009 by Jennifer M. - Gambrills, MD

My husband is going away on business for three weeks this summer and I'm thinking about joining him for a week with t...


Help! Plane Travel with 21 Month Old & 2 Month Old

April 09, 2009 by Tara M. - Severn, MD

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on keeping a 21 month old boy occupied on a 2.5 hour flight in which he...


Bassinet Seat vs Regular Seats

January 30, 2009 by meriam c. - Baltimore, MD

My husband and I will be travelling 14 hours on a plane with our 9 month old daughter. Would you recommend that I res...


Travelling W/ My 4 Month Old Son - First Time

February 28, 2008 by Rachel W. - Hyattsville, MD

Hello! I am hitting the friendly skies with my son tomorrow for the first time since he's been born. He is 4 months...


Air Travel Tips

March 06, 2008 by Ivelina S. - Perry Hall, MD

Hi there, my son will be 14 months when we will be travelling 11 hours oversees. This will be our first time flying w...


Airplane Trip with 6 Month Old

June 17, 2008 by Amber Lee S. - Catonsville, MD

I will be flying with my 6 month old soon and would like some advice. I have one of those Graco car seats that detach...