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Updated Jan 21, 2020

Flying with a Newborn ....

November 22, 2006 by Jennifer A. - Overland Park, KS

Hello! My sister, who lives in San Diego, is a surrogate for my husband and myself. She is currently 19 weeks pregn...


Plane Ride W/ 14 Month Twins

April 13, 2008 by Jennifer A. - Overland Park, KS

We are traveling with our twin boys to San Diego next month. I'm starting to get terrified on how we'll keep the bot...


Needing Advice on Flying with 6 Month Old

August 30, 2009 by mommytoone - Haysville, KS

Hi Moms! My daughter and I will be flying to Florida in October for my brother's graduation from boot camp. We will b...


Flying for the First Time with infant...taking Carseat with Base Attached

March 02, 2009 by Jo S. - Lenexa, KS

Hi Ladies, My husband and I will be traveling for the first time with our 4 month old this weekend. I have read t...


Seeking Advice on Travel Agencies Vs. Airlines Vs. Travelocity! Need Cheapest!

May 31, 2009 by J M. - Overland Park, KS

I am needing some advice on travel details... I have not had to book a flight in more than 10 years! I've been resear...


Seeking Advice for Long Plane Ride with Almost Two-year-old

February 05, 2009 by Pernilee A. - Olathe, KS

I am planning to take my daughter to Denmark to see my family sometime in the fall when she will be almost two years ...



January 22, 2009 by Amy C. - Mission, KS

In March I am taking my now 19 month old daughter for her first plane ride and am a little nervous. My husband has to...


Any Advice?

October 09, 2008 by Crystal F. - Hutchinson, KS

I've gotten some great tips and advice thus far - a HUGE thank you to all! We are going on a family vacation to Fl...


Help!!! 4-Year Old Scared of Flying!!!

November 11, 2008 by Renee H. - Wichita, KS

So why did we plan the trip? Well, he WAS really excited. But something has happened and I don't know what. He's ve...


Disney World Here We Come!

November 22, 2006 by Cori B. - Kansas City, KS

As an adoption celebration my husband and I are taking our two kids and my parents to Disney World for a week. We ar...