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Dads at Prenatal Yoga Class?

Chicago, IL

I'm going to be a first time mom in March and one of my girlfriends recommended prenatal yoga classes. I read some reviews here recommending Bloom and Yogaview, but I was wondering if anyone has ever seen any dads attending any of the prenatal classes? My husband is interested in participating in the prenatal yoga class with me and the baby. I think it would be an interesting experience for both of us and we would both learn a lot. Has anyone seen dads in these classes? Does anyone know of a special "family prenatal class" somewhere? Do you think the other moms would be open to having a dad there? Any feedback would be apprechiated. Also, the classes wuld have to be at a feasable time for someone working full time. Thanks.

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When Do You Find Time to Go to the Gym?

Buffalo, NY

I work full time and have a gym membership wasting away and I'm wondering how other Moms fit in their exercise during the work week. I feel too guilty going to the gym after work because then I miss my only time seeing the baby before he goes to bed, but I am slowly starting to gain weight again (and Halloween has not helped!). Thanks!

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