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How Do You Do It?

Waco, TX

I have four children and work six days a week and I was wondering how other moms find the balance between the two. It seems if I focus too much on my family my job suffers and reversed my kids do! I know there are moms out there that manage their careers, families and homes without a hitch and I wanna know the secret. I would love to come to work get it all done, spend time with my kids cook great meals and have a clean house...whats the secret! K.

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How Do You Work at Home with Toddlers Around

San Antonio, TX

I am trying to do some freelance illustration work from my home. I would like to do it on a regular basis, but am finding it very difficult to balance my kids with the work and to keep up with my house work. Also, I plan to get my masters degree when my husband finishes his next spring and I am questioning if this is even possible before my kids are all in school. I know lots of you are doing this and not going crazy. Any tips would be great!

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My Fiance Thinks I'm on Vacation

Philadelphia, NJ

My son was a surprise. We had been engaged for one month when we found out. But we were ecstatic and even now I am thrilled with the way things have happened. I wouldn't change anything. I love my fiance and my son. I knew he was a wonderful man...that's why I said "yes". But I have been able to see him now as a wonderful father and that makes me what to marry him even more. And I feel like my son has given me so much perspective in my life. I don't stress about the silly things I used to. It's clear to me now what's important in life. And for that I am so grateful to my son. I had a great pregnancy and worked up til my due date. My labor was extremely difficult but I don't even really remember the pain leading up to his birth and would definitely do it all over again. And to boot, he's a dream baby! Sounds really good but...I was a career woman. I had a fancy job in the city. I got dressed up. I was selling a mulit-million dollar project and was good at it. It took me years to figure out my niche and I had found it. I had arrived! I took one look at my son (now 3.5 months) and decided I could not leave him 40 hours a week after maternity leave. To me, he was worth the sacrifice. I made the switch to residential real estate and am working from home. I started in September. It's hard for me because I'm used to bringing in money. I have been self dependent since 17. I worked 2 jobs many times in my life to make ends meet. Now, my son and I are really dependent on my fiance financially and that's really hard for me to swallow. He owns a bsns and does extremely well...triple what I used to make. However, I don't think he gets what I've done for us. I think he thinks I am on vacation. I only took off 3 months and now I'm starting something new and it's scary. But I made the sacrifice. I did this for our son because I think he deserves the best we can give him. And I will bring in money again eventually. The other day my fiance came home and I had a box from Banana Republic. I had bought a couple of pants, on clearance mind you, with my own money. I wanted to be comfortable in my new size. I had some appts and wanted to look nice. My fiance said "are you just home shopping all day?". I lost it. I cried so hard that night. Don't I deserve something new? Isn't it better that beating myself up about 10 extra lbs and hating my body? Raising a child is work, 24/7. My fiance has never had to wake up at night, ever. He has played in 3 baseball leagues. I never asked him to change his schedule for us. My whole life has changed: my career, my body, my time. Why does he think I'm on vacation? How do I get him to understand that what I've gone through is hard and I think I've done an excellent job? I feel like I am working 2 jobs, not on vacation. I am sorry this was so long. I feel great just getting it all out. Very therapeutic;)

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