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Does Anyone Know How to Get Cat Hair Out of Clothes Other than Lint Rollers?

Los Angeles, CA

My husband comes home from work miserable because he has cat hair poking him. Even after I washed his clothes. Has anyone had this problem and is there any way to get rid of it other than picking them out by hand or buying new clothes. Lint rollers only get the surface. They actually get inside and stick him. He rarely touches the cats and never picks them up. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Hyper Pug and Suggetions How to Calm Her Down?

Nashville, TN

Hi, I have a 8 month old pug she is soo cute, but she is very hyper. She is like the energizer bunny she just goes and goes. I have a 5 year, 2 year old and one on the way I need her to be calmer by the time the new baby comes. Which I'm due in may. I have done the suggestions from the vet and books. Taking her for walks and she has a playmate I also have a 2 yearold husky, lab mix. Which they play well. But she is still soo hyper. I don't mind having a hyper dog, were an outgoing family but she doesn't stop and I hate keeping her outside all the time. Please any suggestions. She isn't fixed yet, someone said that would calm her down but my vet said that its just her breed.. He said by the time she is 2 she will be calmer..

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Preventative Flea Treatments

Norfolk, VA

I have a puppy we've been treating with one of the 'generic' brand of flea preventatives...trying to save a little money. I had researched and found online the ingredients that are supposed to be most effective, then bought the brand that mirrored the Frontline treatment. But lately my dog has been scratching, so I had a friend who is a vet take a look at her. She said it's either an allergy to grass or flea bites. When I told her she'd just been treated last week she informed me that NOTHING but Frontline or Advantix works. OK, me being the cheapskate I am....I want proof! I use generics for all kinds of other prescrips,...why not this kind? Has anyone out there had experience with using off brand treatments? I don't want to go out and buy Frontline unless I have no choice(...not to mention the idea of assuming my treatment didn't work and having to treat my home for fleas...aarrgghh! ...but thanks to this website I have already discovered that borax and salt really does work...unfortunately, I had to try it a few months ago when we miscalculated when her last flea treatment was and it had worn off ; we put the mixture down for 24 hrs, then vacuumed it up...we only saw 2 fleas, that was it, they were gone;) I'd appreciate any advice on this topic, can I afford to keep penny pinching or will I have to 'bite the bullet' and shell out the money for the name brand? Thanks awesome moms... blessings, L.

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Sick Cat-Please Help

Dallas, TX

I have a long haired cat and he'll be 2 on Valentines Day. I got him from my aunt because her son was allergic to him and they had to get rid of him and I've only had him for a couple months. He throws up hairballs quite often. I give him medicine for that about everyday, but it's not working. THe thing is, since yesterday, he's been throwing up more. It's like a yellow bile stuff. He threw up throughout the night and this morning. I don't have the $$ to take him to the vet right now, but I did call them and they didn't seem to be concerned and just figured it was in relation to the hairballs. I cannot keep him. I have 2 younger children and I do my best to keep my house spotless. My kids play all over my floors and I frequently mop them, but he's throwing up all over the house and sometimes I don't even know he's thrown up because I'll be out. I confined him to our guest bathroom with the litter box and no food/water early this morning. I let him out when we all woke up and the first thing he did when he came out was throw up. I feel really bad for having to let him go, but I just cannot deal with this any longer. My kids come first and I'm tired of hearing the baby scream while I keep cleaning cat throw up. Where can I take him? What can I do?

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