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Cincinnati, OH

Okay I know there has to be a couple of moms out there that are Disney fanatics that could give me your best Disney advice, secrets.. etc.....? I haven't been since I was 8 and my husband and I are taking our daughter who would of just turned 4 when we go! TIA!!

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Looking for a Romantic Getaway Destination.

Portland, OR

I'm hoping to plan a weekend getaway for my husband and I in March for our anniversary/last getaway before baby #2 arrives. We move here in June and haven't ventured without or 20 month old yet. Any suggestions? We love beach and/or mountains. I'm hoping to find somewhere relaxing, beautiful and drivable within at least 4 hours. Thanks for any help you can give. I've looked online, but there is so much available I'm not sure where to begin. I'm hoping to find someplace I know will be worth the short time we have. Thanks again!

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Purchase Disney Pass for 3 Year Old?

Tampa, FL

Hi all! My husband and I recently purchased Disney passes for ourselves and have been taking our 2 year old. Money is pretty tight but we saw this as our treat for the year since there will be no real vacation any time soon. My question is do we buy one for our daughter when she turns 3? I think she is supposed to have a ticket?... When we go to the park they don't even give her a second glance and to spend another $200 right now if we don't have to would be crazy. What are your opinions out there? Thanks!

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Seeking Travel Destination That Allows Babies

Dallas, TX

My sister and I celebrate our birthdays together every year. We are looking for a place to drive in Texas at the end of May for a 4 day weekend. It will be me, my husband, our 6 month old and her, her husband, and 15 month old. Does anyone have any ideas of where we should go with little kids? We thought maybe somewhere near water but that also allows children to stay (which knocks out a lot of B&B's).

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