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5 Month Old to Have Surgery...

Buffalo, NY

My five months old little boy, Riley, Has to have hernia surgery soon. He has not seen the surgeon yet, but I am on pins and needles waiting... Riley was kept in the NICU for 2 weeks after was born for breathing troubles, I anything involving him and a hospital makes me a nervous wreck, any help, sugguestions, advice??? Also the pediatrician said something about a Hydroseal??? The surgeon is supposed to look at that too... what is it?

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Anyone Had Cellulitis?

Washington DC, MD

I had brain surgery on 12/17 and everything went fine the first 4 weeks home. Then I developed swelling and now the swelling has turned red and started to hurt. I went to the doctor yesterday and he thinks it's cellulitis. He put me on antibiotics and told me to see him again in a week. He also told me to use ice on my face. The problem is that it's my left eye and temple, as well as my forehead that are swollen, but when I use ice it makes the right side of my face around my right eye swollen as well. I now feel like my face is going to explode! Has anyone else had cellulitis? How long does it take to clear up?

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Breast Surgery

Columbus, OH

I have this thing with my breasts where my left breast is smaller than an A cup, its more or less just a nipple..lol, and my right breast is a D cup. Ive lived with this my whole life and Ive finally able to afford breast surgery to have this corrected. What they are doing is putting in a saline filled inflatedable implant in the left side that they will add fluids too over time to increase the size so the skin stretches w/o stretch marks. But they are also going to do a reduction of the right side so that I will end up with even C cups. The surgen told me that by doing the reduction they will have to basically cut off my nipple and move it up an inch or so. He told me that it is possible for me to completely loose sensation in that nipple. Also its pretty likly that I wont beable to breast feed if I have another child. With my son, my left breast only produced the colustrum (sp?) and I wasnt able to keep up with breast feeding him past 2 weeks as the right breast dried up really fast from trying to do every feeding on that side. I was upset about it, but atleast he got what he did so early, specially coz he was a premie. The added antibodies were a must. Has anyone had a breast reduction or implant and still beenable to have sensation in the nipple or atleast been able to breastfeed with another child ?

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Help Reporting a Doctor

Dallas, TX

Hello, I recently went to a surgeon who none of the staff could prove had his M.D. license, I looked the doctor up on the state board of medical examiners but he wasn't listed their either.. Does anyone know how i can report this? I would hate for someone to get hurt by this doctor.

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