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Activities/advice for a Three Day Road Trip with 16 Month Old

Seattle, WA

My husband, daughter, and I are going to be moving from Seattle to Kansas City in the next month and plan to drive there. It is a three day road trip about 9 hours of driving each day. Our daughter has traveled a lot with us. Been on about 6 plane rides with us, some of them connections and a few straight 5 hour flights. We have taken her on longer road trips, the longest being 8 hours and she did well. We are a little concerned with three days of travel, but need to save the money and get both of our vehicles to our new home. Do you have any advise for activities in the car or maybe how often to stop? Thanks!

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Travelling W/ 9 Month Old

Chicago, IL

My husband & I are thinking of taking a vacation w/ our 9 month old. What is easier, flying or taking a road trip. We're contemplating going to Florida, or somewhere closer where it may be a little warm. If we fly, I figure we'd have to ship some of his toys to our destination. If we drive, it may be more convenient, but I don't know how well he'd tolerate being in the car for a long time. We'd probably drive at night while he's sleeping, but then we'd be tired ourselves during the day. He's gone on 2 6 hour long road trips b/4 & has tolerated them well. We have never flown w/ him. I fear he would cry on the plane (would the altitiude bother him), and people would get mad at us! Any recommendations?

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