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Do I Have the Blues?

Atlanta, GA

I recently had my second child. My oldest is 2 1/2. This weekend has totally hit me hard. I have just been feeling like I am going thru the motions of life - get up, feed kids/husband, clean, etc. I feel emotionless, if that makes sense. I have been trying to take naps when I can but something always seems to happen when I start to fall asleep. My husband works nights so I don't have any relief on the night duty. I feel SO fat - I am the biggest I have ever been. What doesn't help that is that I am a depression eater so I have to keep telling myself to stop and drink water! My question is 3 fold - 1) should I be worried about how I am feeling? I go back to the doctor in 2 weeks. 2) Also, any quick and healthy food suggestions to help me lose weight? 3) my 2 year old has several times of acting baby like and refuses to let me take him potty or change his pull up. I really want him potty trained but am too tired to remember to take him every hour and don't want to fight him when he tells me no to changing his pullup. I don't know if what I just wrote made any sense but I appreciate any help you may have for me!

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Feeling like I Lost My Life

Syracuse, NY

So I had my first daughter two and a half weeks ago and thought that I would be so happy to have her. Unfortunately, I do not like being a mom and feel completely drained and tied down. Do not get me wrong, I LOVE my little Sophia, but cannot help but miss my old life.. I guess I am just hoping this will get easier and will pass..I have seen a Dr. and I have NO intentions of harming myself or her, I just wish for my old lifestyle and find motherhood a bit of a let down.. Is this normal? And will it get better?

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Newborn Sleeping / SIDS / Shots

Los Angeles, CA

My son is 4 weeks old and in order for him to sleep more than a hour he has to feel me next to him. I place him in the boppy next to me in bed if Im real tired or I will cradle him in my arms. My concerns of doing so is SIDS - either in bed with me or even in his own bed. Everytime he sleeps I just stare at him to make sure he is ok. At the hospital I received so many pampletes on SIDS that for the first two weeks after his birth I slept for about 30 minutes at a time. I purchased a pad / moniter that is placed under his bed and it will alarm if he dose not move within 20 seconds. It is very sensitive that it reads his movements when he breaths so it has not alarmed. When I place him in bed with me of course he is not being monitered but if I do not place him in bed with me I will only sleep about 20 minutes at a time. I guess you can say he is a little spoiled. I am seeking advice on how I can get him to sleep and how I can stop worring so much about SIDS. When it starts to get dark I cry knowing that I will also need to sleep a bit and I pray he will wake... I dont know if I am so worried because he was a twin at at 8 weeks found out his twin didnt make it - that was hard, at 18 weeks had a faulse possitive AFP result - that was the worst, and when he was born he didnt want to cry for about 5 min. - I thought I was going to die. NOW - my new concerns is that he will be receiving his first months shots in about 4 days and that is adding more stress to my worries. What will I do when I have to go back to work?

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