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A Question for All You Professional Photographers...Where Do I Start??

Stockton, CA

Hi Mamas! I need some advise from the professional photographers out there (or anyone savvy in photography). I have always been into photography and even more so now that I have had my 1st daughter. I take hundreds of pictures of her each month, not just because I want to capture every moment but also because I want to get that amazing photograph. I find myself looking at it as more of an art than just a picture so I'm always trying to get that right light and angle. I currently have a Canon Powershot SD 750. But after borrowing my boss's high end Canon that has the extended lens (sorry I don't know terminology yet) I really want to move up, it was so much fun taking pictures and they came out looking so professional. I signed up for a photography class at my local community college and I need some advise on a good camera to get. What did you guys start out on? I want to start taking professional pictures of my daughter and take pictures for my friends and family maybe eventually getting in as a part time profession. Any advise would be great. I'm looking to spend around $###-###-#### unless you think I need something more high end than that. Also, what about software to enhance the pictures after I take them? Thanks all I really appreciate your input! S.

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