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Help! Puppy Advice....

Jonesboro, AR

My husband is absolutely set on getting our son a puppy for his first birthday. Yes, a dog for a one year old. I personally would have waited another year at least but I don't want to hurt my husbands feelings because he is so proud of himself for thinking of this and so excited about giving it to our son. So, my question is, what suggestions do you have for a puppy? It will live outside. My husband wants a mix between a beagle and a basset hound. What do you think? Update: Hey guys, I left out some details in this question. I live in the country so the dog will have plenty of exercise room. Also, we have two other dogs, a bird-dog (don't ask me what the exact breed is, all I know is that she is dumb as a rock) and an American bulldog who wouldn't hurt a fly. I would love to have another bulldog, but my husband wants something smaller for Case. Also, I WILL NOT be taking care of the dog. It's my husband's idea, so it's his responsibility. I love animals and want Case (my son) to love and respect them too. Oh, and we can't have an inside pet; Case and my husband have allergy and asthma problems. The doctor said outside would be fine as it is not severe, but inside would probably aggravate. Thanks for all the advice!!!

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Yakima, WA

I recently got som kittens some one dumped a litter on my door 3 are still living the baby cries all the time how old i have no idea we live in the country so cats are a must my daugter and her cousins love them so it is improving all their behavior. tried feeding it holding it doesent help. What do i do

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